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Cut-Off Saw Technical Facts

Husqvarna Cut-off saw

A cut-off saw is one of the most used and essential tools for a concrete contractor. It is a high-speed, fast-cutting power tool and safety precautions must be used to reduce the risk of personal injury. Safety is an important issue you need to consider because using a cut-off saw incorrectly can be very dangerous. 


Before using your cut-off saw, perform the following safety inspection to confirm the saw is working correctly:


The Saw

✔ Inspect the wheel guard to make sure it is properly mounted and doesn't have cracks or any other damage. If there are cracks in the wheel guard fit a replacement blade guard for your cut-off saw before further use.

✔ Check the cut-off saw for loose or missing fasteners, and replace any screws/ bolts that may be damaged or broken. All accessible screws, nuts, and bolts should be retightened at the end of your workday.

✔ Check the throttle trigger, trigger interlock, and stop switch to make sure they are working properly.

✔ Make sure your belt is properly tensioned. Your belt should be re-tensioned every month, but should only be replaced when required.



The Blade

✔ Look for missing or cracked segments on the diamond blade. If you find that your diamond blade has either missing segments or cracked segments do not continue to use that blade. Either throw the blade away or contact the manufacturer to get a new blade.

✔ If you are using an abrasive wheel on your cut-off saw, look for water saturation

✔ Make sure that your blade is correctly mounted on the saw and does not wobble when the saw is running. If you notice that the blade is wobbling, the bearing or bushing on your cut-off saw might be worn out. You will want to bring your saw in for repair. 


While Operating Your Cut-off Saw

✔ Hold the saw firmly with both hands and maintain a solid base when cutting. This allows for more control of the saw and less chance of slipping out of the cut or a kick-back.

✔ Do not stand directly behind the plane of the blade. In the chance of a kick-back, you will not be in line with the saw's motion, decreasing the chance of serious injury.

✔ Allow the blade to do the grinding. You do not need to push down on the saw when cutting. This can cause excess wear in the blade and a chance for the operator to lose control of the cut-off saw.

✔ Do not attempt to change the direction of the cut while the blade is in the cut. Wedging a blade into a cut can cause the blade to pinch and can lead to a kick-back.

✔ Avoid using the upper quadrant of the blade when you are cutting. This leads to a greater chance of a kickback.

✔ Do not cut with the saw over your head. This is one of the most unstable positions you can be in when cutting.


Proper Cutting Technique

Tips for Successful Use of Cut-Off Saws


Check Out Cut-Off Saw and Blade Safety Training™ for more info on sawing safely.