Best Practices for Quality Soff-Cut® Joints
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Best Practices for Quality Soff-Cut® Joints

☑ Timing of cut! Make sure you cut in the Green Zone. (1 to 2 hours after finishing and before final set. Use hand, foot & roll test.)

☑ Make sure blade break in time is honored. Operate saw at half of normal forward speed for approx. 100 lineal feet to allow the blade to open up, remain cool, cut faster and promote full blade life.

☑ Make sure blade is aligned in skid slot and not cutting into the skid causing damage!

☑ Find optimum forward travel speed. (Pulling left,too slow. Pulling right, too fast.) Blade must cut as freely as possible, not putting too much pressure on either side of joint.

☑ Don’t walk on saw joints while cutting!

☑ Transport and store saw without blade but always with a skid plate attached!

☑ Change skid plate with every new blade! (If starting out the day with a used blade and skid, inspect bottom surface of skid to make sure there is no damage.)

☑ Inspect used blade to make sure none of the diamond segments are overheated!

☑ Check blade block plungers making sure they are moving up and down freely allowing proper pressure of skid on concrete surface! (Clean blade block daily.)

☑ Use joint protectors at saw joint intersections and at saw drive wheel locations!

☑ Don’t sweep across the saw joints only in the same direction as the joints!

☑ Call Esch to get the right Soff-Cut Blade color to match your concrete mix design.

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