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Best Practices for Cut-off Saw Operation

☑ Fill your saw with fresh, quality fuel with little to no ethanol (non-oxygenated gas/89 octane or higher). This will improve saw performance and extend useful life.

☑ Use of 2 cycle synthetic oil will help prolong the life of the saw. Synthetic oils have better purity and stability so they outperform conventional oils. You get what you pay for.

☑ Run your saw out of fuel before storing for the winter. Always use fresh, properly mixed fuel in the spring.

☑ Clean saw after every use to avoid build up of dust when dry cutting or slurry when wet cutting.

☑ Replace your air filter only when your saw starts to lose power in the cut.

☑ Early replacement or blowing out or cleaning the filter can damage pistons or cylinders because of dirt ingestion.

☑ Inspect saw for cracks in the blade guard and belt guard, missing feet, and working guard stops before running. Inspect saw for loose nuts and bolts before running.

☑ Inspect diamond blade for cracks in segments and gullets. Inspect abrasive blade for fraying or warpage. Inspect flange for excessive wear, sharp edges and missing tabs. Replace both blade and flange if necessary before running.

☑ Do not run wide open throttle for more than 10 seconds while not under load.

☑ Use saw blade (wheel) with correct arbor for safety and best performance.

☑ Use water when cutting concrete/asphalt to avoid silica exposure which can cause silicosis, a serious lung disease.

☑ Call Esch for cutting equipment, diamond and abrasive saw blades, cut-off saw parts and service, and expert advice.

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