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Air Filter Cleaning

  Some of the most frequently asked questions about saws are about the air filters. How do I clean the filter? When do I clean it? Should I clean it? When do I replace the filter? The answer is simple – let the saw tell you. The DON'Ts Air filters are made to last through a certain amount of wear and be replaced. Replacing the filter before it is necessary,…
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Keeping Your Equipment in the Best Condition

One of the simplest ways to keep your equipment running like new and out of my repair shop is to clean it regularly. Cleaning after every use is optimal to prevent constant dust build up. It's especially important when you're using a wet cutting saw. Without regular cleaning the dust and water create a sludge-like substance that will get in your saw, harden and cause problems when you use it…
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Fuel Related Issues

With Spring finally here in Minnesota, starting up equipment for the first time of the season can cause some problems. One of the biggest challenges I see with equipment that has sat over the winter is "no-start" complaints. No-starts are common with equipment that has sat over the winter and is preventable most of the time. A no-start is usually the result of a fuel-related failure. The best way to…
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