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How Cold Weather Impacts Soff-Cut Blade Selection

When it comes to concrete cutting, choosing the right tools and equipment is crucial to achieving a clean and precise result. One often overlooked factor that can significantly affect the outcome of your concrete cutting project is the weather. In particular, cold weather can have a profound impact on the selection of Soff-Cut blades. Key Takeaways Concrete takes longer to cure in colder temperatures. The Esch ProCut Purple Blade expands…
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Husqvarna K 4000 Electric Cleaning and Maintenance

Properly maintaining your Husqvarna K4000 Electric Saw extends the life of your saw and saves you money!  Keeping your saw clean and maintained can minimize the risk of saw failure, tripping a breaker, or having to replace your saw due to excessive wear. Check out our Coach's Corner episode below on how to properly clean and maintain your Husqvarna K4000. [maxbutton id="15" url="" text="VIEW SAW" ]     The Husqvarna…
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Dust-Free Tuckpointing Shroud from Metabo

Staying "dust-free" when you are cutting or grinding can be a tough task. Many contractors run into problems collecting dust while tuckpointing because they can't see how close the shroud and blade are to the surface they are cutting. This leads to dust escaping into the air and may end with possible OSHA violations. Watch how you can stay dust-free when you are tuckpointing in our Coach's Corner episode. The…
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How to Break in Your Soff-Cut Blades

Breaking in your Soff-Cut blade before using it can give your blades a longer life and a cleaner cut. Breaking in a blade exposes the diamonds in the segments which not only allow the blade to cut faster but prolong the life of the Soff-Cut blade. Make sure you are maximizing your productivity by breaking in your blades before you cut! Steps to Break in Your Soff-Cut Blade: Put your…
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What is Coach’s Corner

Coach's Corner is a video series from Esch Construction Supply designed to help contractors tackle their biggest problems. Running into problems? Put them down in the comments and Esch will help find a solution!  
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Selecting Your Soff-Cut Blades – Coach’s Corner

Soff-Cut blades are specially designed for early-entry sawing. The purpose of using Soff-Cut blades is to minimize the risk of random cracking in concrete. The high production rate of Soff-Cut blades and the ability to cut on the same day make Soff-Cut the best option for cutting green concrete. Make sure you are selecting the right soff-cut blade based on the timing of your cut and the aggregate of the…
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