The EZ Pump & Can is one of the newest labor savers from Esch Construction Supply. The EZ Pump & Can eliminates the need for a second person to pump water to your saw or core drill. NO MORE MANUAL PUMPING! The pump has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged with an A/C charger.


The 3 gal. tank is made from a rigid plastic that is designed in the shape of a teardrop. With a 10ft poly hose placed at an optimal location to increase the stability of the can to decrease the chance of it tipping over. The pressure release valve on the back allows you to safely release internal pressure prior to opening the sprayer. Lastly, the Quick-Connect attachment can connect to any gas saw, electric saw, battery-powered saw or core drill rig for a water delivery system.

Esch EZ Pump and Can Labelled


The EZ pump is a battery-operated pressurizer that automatically pumps water when the optimal pressure level is reached. This eliminates the need for the extra person to pump water to the equipment. The EZ pump battery can pump up to 15 gallons on one battery charge. Charge the battery with any A/C charger!

Pump Zero Head and Charger with Esch Branding



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