Meet Adam, Esch’s new expert mechanic

We would like to introduce Esch’s new team member, Stihl Gold certified mechanic, Adam Lawson. Adam brings with him a great knowledge base and passion for his trade. Adam will be running the full service repair center at our new location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There you’ll find the fastest tune-ups in the Midwest and parts…
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Cleaning your Soff-Cut blade block

Ensuring a clean and ravel free joint when Soff-Cutting takes patience and skill. Once the process is understood, you need to ensure you are using the proper color Soff-Cut blade. The timing of your cut should be in the green zone. If you have a good working knowledge of green saw cutting and you still…
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Running Concrete Chain Saws

  Regardless of the Brand (ICS, Husqvarna, Stihl), concrete chain saws can be an effective tool for deep cutting through masonry and concrete walls for the installation of various openings such as egress windows and doorways. A few points to consider when running concrete chain saws. • Chain tension is critically important to the longevity…
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Prolong the Life of Your Electric Handheld Tool.

Handheld Grinder Overloading As with all handheld tools and diamond blades, pushing and overloading the tool is bound to cause issues. Gas powered saws have more power and are more forgiving by nature. However, with electric tools, care needs to be given and the proper blade(s) needs to be selected that has a diamond bond…
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Filter Life and Maintenance for Pulse Bac PB 575

Filter life and maintenance for the Pulse Bac PB 575 Today we discuss: Filter life and Maintenance for the Pulse Bac PB575. The PB575 is a self cleaning vacuum designed to give you max productivity and decreased labor hours due to it’s pulsing filter system. As you are grinding or cutting, the vacuum cycles with…
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