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Diamond Blades and Bits


What Can a Faster Blade Do for You?

Deadlines come up fast – especially as the end of the season approaches. As you’re checking off the boxes on your jobs for the year, what is your plan to be efficient, smart, and put some comfortable space between you and that looming deadline? One challenge you may face to meet that deadline is affecting the entire construction industry: labor shortages. News outlets report that up to 80% of contractors…
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Get to Know Your Diamond Blade

Understanding your diamond blades can help you make educated decisions in the field, save time and decrease the chance of injury. In this post, we will break down the components of a diamond blade, and the functions of each part. Segments The segment is best described as the ‘teeth’ around the blade. There are two parts that make up a segment, the bond, and the diamond. It is important to…
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Diamond Blade Safety Warning

A recent bulletin from Stihl outlines a few blades that are unsafe to use on your Cut-Off Saws. Please keep these guidelines in mind while cutting. Wheels that are not approved for your cut-off machine may be more likely to shatter, break or cause other problems, such as wheel wobble and/or increased reactive forces. Use only wheels with approved RPM ratings for your cut-off machine. Consult the instruction manual for…
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Cut-Off Saw Blade Flange Safety

Key Takeaways Blade Flange Plays an Important Role in Cutting Efficiency Inspect the Blade Flange Before Operating Your Saw Replace Worn or Broken Blade Flanges Operating your cut-off saw requires precision and safety. Items that can be commonly overlooked are the inner and outer blade flanges. This unassuming part plays a significant role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of your cutting operations. In this blog post, we'll cover cut-off…
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