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Core Drilling


What To Do With Concrete Slurry?

Concrete Slurry is a mixture of water and concrete solids that result from grinding, cutting, or coring concrete using water. This concrete & water mixture is prohibited from being dumped directly down drains due to its harmful tendencies. The construction industry is faced with the increasing regulation for concrete slurry waste water so we provide a few solutions for managing concrete slurry during your next wet sawing, core drilling, or…
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Esch Muscle Bits

Introducing the new Esch Muscle Bits, our core drill bits made with performance-enhancing diamonds! These new core bits are the best way to cut and remove core samples. Esch Muscle Bits are designed to be used for asphalt, concrete, or precast applications. Cut with confidence knowing that your bits are up to the test. Call Us to learn more or place your order. Muscle Bits are designed to be effective…
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