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Concrete Cutting


Early-Entry Concrete Blade Selector

Selecting the right Soff-Cut early-entry concrete diamond blade is important as it directly impacts the quality and efficiency of the job. The choice of the Soff-Cut blade depends on the concrete hardness & aggregate and the machine you are using.
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Concrete Cutting Tips: Concrete Joint Protectors

Joint protectors are essential when cutting concrete to prevent cracks and damage in the surrounding structures. Green concrete is a rigid material that tends to crack when subjected to stress. Joint protectors serve two main purposes during concrete cutting: Control and manage cracking: Concrete expands and contracts with temperature changes and moisture variations. If you cut concrete without considering its natural movement, it may crack unpredictably, leading to structural problems…
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Common Diamond Blade Myths & Facts

Diamond blades are a niche tool that involves several steps and expertise to manufacture.  Understanding their capabilities and limitations, as well as using them properly will help ensure safe and effective cutting. Myth: All diamond blades are the same. Fact: Diamond blades come in various sizes and types, each suitable for specific materials and cutting applications. Some are designed for cutting concrete, while others are better for cutting tile, granite,…
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What To Do With Concrete Slurry?

Concrete Slurry is a mixture of water and concrete solids that result from grinding, cutting, or coring concrete using water. This concrete & water mixture is prohibited from being dumped directly down drains due to its harmful tendencies. The construction industry is faced with the increasing regulation for concrete slurry waste water so we provide a few solutions for managing concrete slurry during your next wet sawing, core drilling, or…
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Soff-Cut Saw Setup & Maintenance

Soff-Cut Saws are a great tool to eliminate the chance of cracking in green concrete. These early entry saws need to be set up and maintained properly to maximize your efficiency. Jack Tuckner, one of Esch's Soff-Cut experts, explains what you should do before running your Soff-Cut saws:
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Concrete Cutting Tips: Step Cutting

Key Takeaways Step Cutting Increases Cutting Efficiency Step Cutting Increases Blade Life Step Cutting Results in Cleaner, Straighter Cuts Step Cutting, also known as incremental cutting or stair-step cutting, is recommended when using a walk-behind saw for optimal blade and saw performance. Step cutting involves making multiple incremental cuts with your saw until the overall desired depth of cut is reached. The number of cuts taken to reach your desired…
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Selecting Your Dust Vacuums: Husqvarna S-Series Vacuums

Dust and slurry collection is a necessity for any contractor cutting, grinding, or polishing concrete. Working safely on a jobsite includes managing your exposure to silica dust, which requires a demand for dust-control equipment. The lineup of concrete dust vacuums from Husqvarna covers your dust control needs for any concrete cutting, grinding, or polishing situation. Make sure you get the most productivity from your concrete dust vacuum by selecting the…
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How Cold Weather Impacts Soff-Cut Blade Selection

When it comes to concrete cutting, choosing the right tools and equipment is crucial to achieving a clean and precise result. One often overlooked factor that can significantly affect the outcome of your concrete cutting project is the weather. In particular, cold weather can have a profound impact on the selection of Soff-Cut blades. Key Takeaways Concrete takes longer to cure in colder temperatures. The Esch ProCut Purple Blade expands…
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Dust-Free Solutions from Esch Construction Supply

Featured Dust-Free Solutions Working dust-free creates a safer and more efficient jobsite. Dust-free solutions save on time and equipment wear and tear while making cuts. We have dust-free solutions for any unique concrete-cutting situation. Each of the following solutions will increase your productivity and save you money. Cut your downtime and stay dust-free with some of our favorite products below!  The iQ360XT is a 14" Masonry Saw with integrated dust…
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