Stihl TS 500i – An industry first

This spring Stihl released their innovative new cut-off machine, the Stihl TS 500i. This new saw is something to brag about. It is the very first electronically controlled fuel-injected cut-off saw. Check it out: Click to view larger image. The Stihl TS 500i is the versatile new electronically controlled fuel-injected cut-off saw. What are the…
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Locating Honda Engines Serial Numbers

  In January I wrote about locating the serial number on your Stihl TS 420 saws. Recently I have encountered others having a similar challenge locating the serial number on their Honda Engines. If your equipment has a Honda engine, and you need to have it serviced, you will likely need the model number and…
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What’s that for…?

Have you ever been working with some equipment and wondered what a lever, button, pin, bolt or other feature was for? I hope to be able to answer your questions in this series called “What’s that for?” The first topic is one that is often overlooked, but highly useful. I’m talking about the locking pin…
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Locating the serial number on your TS 420 handheld saw

    One common challenge that occurs with the Stihl TS 420 saw isn’t with maintenance or usage, it is locating the serial number. As each model of Stihl equipment is unique, so is its placement of the serial number. To locate the serial number for warranty information or for your mechanic, there is a…
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Winterizing your Equipment

As construction season is winding down and hunting and snowmen building come to mind, so should the upkeep and winterizing of your equipment. Here is a checklist to help get your saws and equipment ready for work come spring: ___ Clean your saw thoroughly, removing all dust  and debris, and wipe clean. A clean saw,…
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