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Inspecting your saw: Belts

Belt tension is an important factor pertaining to saw performance. A worn or slipping belt robs power from the saw and decreases productivity while cutting. Before cutting follow these steps to ensure proper saw performance: -  Inspect belt for cracks -  Inspect for missing “ribs” -  Check belt pulley both at blade spindle and clutch…
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Starting your Stihl TS 500i

  Fuel injection on the new Stihl TS 500i is a great innovation, but with great innovation comes possible problems. The issue we are witnessing both in the field and on the repair bench is with starting the TS 500i, and the solution is simple: priming. On a cold start, the TS 500i must be…
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Blade Flange Safety

Cutting with handheld saws can come with many issues that a user needs to be aware of. Is the gas mixed correctly? Is the blade bolt tight? Do I have the proper safety equipment and ventilation? Do I have the right blade for the cutting application? One item that can be commonly overlooked are the…
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Stihl TS 500i – An industry first

This spring Stihl released their innovative new cut-off machine, the Stihl TS 500i. This new saw is something to brag about. It is the very first electronically controlled fuel-injected cut-off saw. Check it out: Click to view larger image. The Stihl TS 500i is the versatile new electronically controlled fuel-injected cut-off saw. What are the…
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Locating Honda Engines Serial Numbers

In January I wrote about locating the serial number on your Stihl TS 420 saws. Recently I have encountered others having a similar challenge locating the serial number on their Honda Engines. If your equipment has a Honda engine, and you need to have it serviced, you will likely need the model number and serial…
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