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Blade Safety Warning

A recent bulletin from Stihl outlines a few blades that are unsafe to use on your Cut-Off Saws. Please keep these guidelines in mind while cutting. Wheels that are not approved for your cut-off machine may be more likely to shatter, break or cause other problems, such as wheel wobble and/or increased reactive forces. Use…
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Filter Life and Maintenance for Pulse Bac PB 575

Filter life and maintenance for the Pulse Bac PB 575 Today we discuss: Filter life and Maintenance for the Pulse Bac PB575. The PB575 is a self cleaning vacuum designed to give you max productivity and decreased labor hours due to it’s pulsing filter system. As you are grinding or cutting, the vacuum cycles with…
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Spring Tune-ups

The time has come to start bringing your saws out of storage. Spring is officially here! Tuning up your saws before putting them to work is just as important as winterizing them before putting them in storage. Review this checklist from Stihl to make sure your equipment is in ideal condition before the season starts.…
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Electric tools and Cord Length

Before using an electric tool, consider the extension cord running from your power source to your tool. Do you know the amperage that the tool draws? How far is the cord running? When using extension cords it is important to note that as you increase the length of cord the voltage drops. Voltage drop can…
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Warm up before W.O.T.

To prolong the life of your handheld and walk behind saws, it is recommended that you give your saws time to warm up before running wide open and cutting. Starting your saw and running wide open right out of the gate can reduce the life of your saw causing scoring at the cylinder and piston,…
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