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Equipment Maintenance Testimonial

Start the new year more profitable and more prepared with our Off-Season Fleet Repair program. Keep your saws, grinders, and other equipment running efficiently by getting them tuned up by our expert mechanics. Take on your next cut with confidence and avoid downtime! Learn how Superior Masonry Builders was able to save on equipment costs and downtime by utilizing Off-Season Fleet Repair. Superior Masonry Builders on Esch Off-Season Fleet Repair…
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Meet the Mechanic: Cody Giles

Meet one of our expert Mechanics in St. Paul, Cody Giles! Before his time at Esch, Cody worked on small engines such as go-karts, mini bikes, lawnmowers, and snowblowers for his neighbors. When he was 15 he took a job at a local lawnmower shop as the shop "clean-up kid" but quickly moved into a mechanic role. Cody has gained experience through welding school and completing Repair Certification Training from…
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Cut with Confidence on Your Next Soff-Cut Project

[span6]Recently, Superior Masonry Builders completed a large flatwork project and saw great success using Soff-Cut. They were able to achieve cleaner, quality cuts, cut down the number of blades they used, and maintained maximum equipment efficiency throughout the job. Check out how Superior Masonry Builders was able to cut 50,000 lineal ft of early-entry cuts with only 9 of our Esch ProCut Purple Soff-Cut Blades in the video below! [/span6]…
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Soff-Cut Saw Setup & Maintenance

Soff-Cut saws are a great tool to eliminate the chance of cracking in green concrete. These early entry saws need to be set up and maintained properly to maximize your efficiency. Jack Tuckner, one of Esch's Soff-Cut experts, explains what you should do before running your Soff-Cut saws:   Shop Soff-Cut Products From Esch Supply   Soff-Cut Saw Setup and Maintenance 1. Make sure the blade block pistons are moving…
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Upgrade Your Abrasive Blades to the DO ALL Utility Blade

The Do All Utility Blade is your new abrasive blade solution as it will last approximately 25-1 to your current abrasive blades. This blade is ideal for cutting ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, HDPE, Rebar, and other steel materials. The Do All Utility Blade has a unibody core with vacuum brazed diamonds so breaking a segment is extremely unlikely. The Do All Utility Blade can be used in wet cutting…
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Cut-Off Saw Selection | Best Cut-Off Saw for Contractors

A cut-off saw (aka chop saw, partner saw, quickie saw, demo saw) should be a contractor's best friend. These saws cut a wide range of materials like stone, tile, and concrete with deep cutting depths and superior accuracy. Cut-off saws have efficient engine performance for more power and torque with fewer emissions making them the perfect tool for most cutting applications. Make sure you select the right saw for your…
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Concrete Cutting Efficiency: Step Cutting

Step Cutting is recommended when using a walk-behind saw for optimal blade and saw performance. It is a method of cutting concrete where the operator makes incremental cuts into the concrete at a partial depth until the desired depth of cut is reached.  This technique helps prevent premature blade wear and segment loss. The number of steps depends on the material being cut, the saw size, and the needed depth…
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Extend The Life of Your Equipment

Extending your equipment life is important to maximize your investment, keep your team up and running, and in years where there are equipment or parts shortages, save you time calling around to see who has saws in stock.
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Virtual Saw and Blade Safety Training

IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY AND WORK SAFER WITH OUR YEAR-ROUND TRAINING OPTIONS CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR NEEDS. Training done YOUR way!  Esch Saw and Blade Safety Training is now also available as virtual training! Get extensive training for you and your crew from our Saw and Blade Experts over an online call. Our training will cover diamond blade selection, how to maximize productivity from your blades, and how to prevent diamond blade failures.…
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Avoid Saw Kickbacks: Cut-off Saw Safety

Cut-Off Saw Kickbacks occur when the blade on the saw pinches or stalls in the material you are cutting. The force of the blade causes the saw to be thrown out of the cut and, in some cases, back at the operator. Knowing how to safely use your cut-off saw you can take on the toughest cuts with confidence by avoiding kickbacks and being more productive.    1. Let Your…
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