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Tips on Breaking in Your Soff-Cut Blades

What if I told you that you are only getting a fraction of the total life from your Soff-Cut blades? Before making any cuts, you MUST break in your blades! This exposes the diamond in the blade which not only allows the blade to cut faster but prolongs the life of the Soff-Cut blade. Watch our Coach's Corner episode on how to break in your Soff-Cut blades.

Early entry cutting is a technique used to prevent random cracking in concrete during its finishing phase. Putting relief cuts in concrete before it sets will force the cracking underneath the relief cuts, eliminating the chance of random cracking.

To break in your Soff-Cut blade first put the blade on your Soff-Cut saw. Then in the material you are cutting, run your Soff-Cut saw at 50% RPM. This allows the blade to "warm-up" and exposes the diamonds in the segments. Run the Soff-Cut saw for approximately 15 feet at normal walking pace to expose the diamonds in the segment. Once that is done, raise the RPMs back up to 100% and continue cutting like normal.

Breaking in your Soff-Cut blades

The diamond in the segments should be exposed and the blade should get 100% of it's intended life. If you still have problems with your Soff-Cut blades, you might have the incorrect blade for your cutting application. Call Esch to get set up with the right blades for your job.