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Selecting Your Dust Vacuums: Husqvarna S-Series Vacuums

Dust and slurry collection is a necessity for any contractor cutting, grinding, or polishing concrete. Working safely on a jobsite includes managing your exposure to silica dust, which requires a demand for dust-control equipment. The lineup of concrete dust vacuums from Husqvarna covers your dust control needs for any concrete cutting, grinding, or polishing situation. Make sure you get the most productivity from your concrete dust vacuum by selecting the right one for your job.

Concrete dust Vacuums Husqvarna s26

What Type of Vacuum Do I Need?

When it comes to cleaning up a large amount of silica dust you shouldn't use just a normal vacuum. Basic vacuums don't have enough power for heavy-duty concrete debris. To avoid clogs and jams, use vacuums with HEPA Filtration. Vacuums with HEPA filters are able to filter and pick up ~99.97% of dust particles the size of 0.3 micrometers. The lineup of Husqvarna vacuums pair with many floor grinders, power cutters, or early-entry saws making them the perfect option for dust and slurry management. 


Husqvarna S13

Husqvarna S13

The Husqvarna S13 is the smallest vacuum in the HEPA Dust-Extractor lineup. This vacuum features jet pulse cleaning, a single HEPA filter & single pre-filter, and 129 CFM. It is ideal for smaller equipment such as small handheld core drill rigs, and small hand grinders. Check out the Husqvarna S13 Single-Phase HEPA Dust-Extractor.


Husqvarna S26

Husqvarna S26- dust free solutions

The Husqvarna S26 is among the most popular vacuums among contractors. This vacuum pairs with smaller floor grinders, early-entry saws, and cut-off saws. It featured jet pulse cleaning, dual HEPA filters & a single pre-filter, and 258 CFM. Check out the Husqvarna S26 Single-Phase HEPA Dust-Extractor.


Husqvarna S36

Husqvarna S36

The Husqvarna S36 is the older brother to the S26. This vacuum comes in 3 different options, 120V, 230V, and a Propane version. This vacuum pairs with large floor grinders, cut-off saws, and large early-entry saws.  It features jet pulse cleaning, three HEPA filters, 285 (230V) or 354 (120V and propane) CFM, and an optional pre-separator mount. Check out the Husqvarna S36 Single-Phase HEPA Dust-Extractor.

Video: Husqvarna S36 Propane Vacuum


Contact us or Call us to learn more about the rest of the Husqvarna S-Line Vacuums as well as the T-Line, W-Line, and pre-separators available at Esch Construction Supply. We are available to help you select the right dust management tool for your specific situation.