Prolong the Life of Your Electric Handheld Tool - Handheld Cutting Overloading

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February 1, 2024 at 4:21:10 PM PST February 1, 2024 at 4:21:10 PM PSTst, February 1, 2024 at 4:21:10 PM PST

As with all handheld tools and diamond blades, pushing and overloading the tool is bound to cause issues. Gas-powered saws have more power and are more forgiving by nature. However, with electric tools, care needs to be given and the proper blade(s) needs to be selected that has a diamond bond that is soft enough for the cutting situation. The following are some steps to remember when operating handheld tools for your next job.

Handheld Cutting Operation Tips

1) When cutting, let the blade do the work.

2) If you have to apply extreme pressure to the tool for your cut, you are setting yourself up for failure of your tool.

3) Let Esch help you select a proper blade for cutting that is designed for the electric tool you are using.

4) Overloading or pushing a tool will eventually burn up the motor, regardless of the brand being used.

5) When cutting with an electric tool, pause to allow the motor to cool. Take the diamond blade out of the cut, and run the tool. This will allow cool, clean air to run through the motor. This will drop the temperature of the field and armature, preventing premature damage.

6) Below are pictures of what can happen to your tool when applying too much pressure rather than letting your tool do the cutting. These pictures are from a tool that overheated.