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Husqvarna K 4000 Electric Cleaning and Maintenance

Properly maintaining your Husqvarna K4000 Electric Saw extends the life of your saw and saves you money!  Keeping your saw clean and maintained can minimize the risk of saw failure, tripping a breaker, or having to replace your saw due to excessive wear. Check out our Coach's Corner episode below on how to properly clean and maintain your Husqvarna K4000.



The Husqvarna K4000 Electric is a 14" wet saw perfect for cutting concrete and masonry. It is popular among contractors because you can control the dust by cutting both wet and dry. Unlike other electric power cutters, the blade rotates forward which increases productivity and requires minimal effort from the operator. The key to maintaining your saw is making sure the back is free of slurry. The slurry build-up can rub against the GFI sensor and trip your breaker. To clean the slurry out of the saw, first, remove the blade from the saw and tilt it straight up and down. Take a hose and run water through the back of it for about 20 seconds while pressing down on the throttle. 

Husqvarna K 4000 Electric Cleaning and Maintenance Husqvarna K 4000 Electric Cleaning and Maintenance


After running the water once or twice through the back of the K4000 you should notice less slurry. After a few minutes of running the water through the saw, the water should come out virtually slurry-free! Regular cleaning and maintenance on your K4000 can prevent serious issues with your saw. If you are having trouble with your Husqvarna K4000 Electric,  Contact Us or Call Us and one of our equipment experts can help diagnose your equipment's problem!