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How Cold Weather Impacts Soff-Cut Blade Selection

When it comes to concrete cutting, choosing the right tools and equipment is crucial to achieving a clean and precise result. One often overlooked factor that can significantly affect the outcome of your concrete cutting project is the weather. In particular, cold weather can have a profound impact on the selection of Soff-Cut blades.

Key Takeaways

  1. Concrete takes longer to cure in colder temperatures.
  2. The Esch ProCut Purple Blade expands the window of time you can cut early-entry joints with a Soff-Cut Saw. 
  3. The Esch Next Day Pink Blade is ideal for cutting relief cuts in harder, more cured concrete with a Soff-Cut Saw.

Understanding Soff-Cut Blades

Before going into how cold weather affects Soff-Cut blade selection, it's essential to understand their purpose. Soff-Cut blades are specifically designed for early-entry concrete cutting, a technique used to control random cracking in freshly poured concrete. These blades are engineered to cut concrete while it is still in its in the green zone™, or uncured, state. This method reduces the risk of random cracking and allows for cleaner, more controlled joints in the concrete. 

Concrete in Cold Weather

Cold weather can pose unique challenges when using Soff-Cut blades for concrete cutting. In colder temperatures, concrete takes longer to cure and reach the desired strength. This means that you may need to leave concrete overnight to finish settling. Our Esch ProCut Purple is specially designed to extend the window of time for early-entry green concrete cutting and is a great option in this situation. The concrete will still be very green which is ideal for making relief cuts. Make sure you test the concrete before making any cuts to ensure to concrete is cured and ready to be cut.

How Cold Weather Impacts Soff-Cut Blade Selection

Now that we understand the challenges posed by cold weather, let's explore how to select the right Soff-Cut blades for such conditions. Dan Brown explains how the drop in temperatures affects which Soff-cut blade you should be cutting with.


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Product Highlight: Esch ProCut Purple Blade & Next Day Pink Blade

Cover all your early-entry needs with the Esch ProCut Purple Blade and Next Day Pink Blade.

The Esch ProCut Purple Blade is an early-entry blade designed for newly-cured concrete. Extend the window of time that you can cut newly poured concrete. Manufactured with high-quality diamond segments, the ProCut Purple has a longer life and enhanced speed when cutting green concrete.

The Esch Next Day Pink Blade is a Soff Cut blade specifically designed for later concrete cutting applications. Normally, Soff Cut blades are not designed for cutting next-day concrete as the blades tend to overheat or "glaze over". The Esch Next Day Pink Blade is manufactured with a softer bonded segment designed specifically for harder, more cured concrete. Typically found when you’re coming back and cutting concrete the next day.