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How Cold Weather Impacts Soff-Cut Blade Selection

Are your Soff-Cut blades not cutting the way they're supposed to? THE PROBLEM MIGHT NOT BE A BAD BLADE! The ESCH ProCut Purple is our same-day blade that is used to cut concrete during its final set, ≈8-10 hours after it was poured. Cold weather causes concrete to take longer to cure (16-24 hours) which pushes the window that you can cut with the ESCH ProCut Purple back.  In some situations, the ESCH ProCut Purple can still be used on this concrete, even though you are cutting the next day. The concrete will still be very green which is ideal for the early-entry ESCH ProCut Purple. Make sure you test the concrete before making any cuts to ensure to concrete is cured and ready to be cut. Dan Brown explains more on How Cold Weather Impacts Soff-Cut Blade Selection:


Esch ProCut Purple Early Entry Blade

The Esch ProCut Purple Blade is an early-entry blade designed for newly-cured concrete.  The Esch Purple blade extends the window of time that you can cut same-day concrete. The blade also has extended life from its high-quality diamond segments. These segments allow the Esch Purple to quickly slice through green/ newly cured concrete. Contact us to learn more about our Esch ProCut Purple Soff-Cut Blade.

Esch ProCut Purple 12 blade

With slower curing concrete (due to colder weather) this blade can be used in next-day cutting situations (16-24 hours after pour). The Esch Purple comes in diameters 6", 6.5" 10" 12" and 13.5". and fits all Soff-Cut saws  (1" to 4" depth of cut).