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The Importance of Diamond Blade Testing

Being able to deliver the highest quality diamond blades to saw operators is a core element of our business. For our customers to have confidence in every cut, they need to have trust in their diamond blades. Providing the highest quality blade comes with rigorous testing to verify reliability, performance, and safety.

Key Highlights

  1. High-quality diamond blades are developed through detailed testing.
  2.  Jobsite demos of diamond blades confirm the best blade is selected to keep you cutting efficiently.
  3. It's important to invest in a high-quality diamond blade suitable for your cutting needs.

Understanding Diamond Blades

Diamond blades are an important tool for contractors who cut concrete, asphalt, and stone. Having a quality blade allows the saw operator to cut further, faster. Diamond blades are made with real diamond particles embedded in the edge. These edges also have various types, including segments, continuous rim, turbo, and more, each designed for specific applications. 

Importance of Diamond Blade Testing

Our diamond blades are put through various quality and performance tests to ensure we deliver the best possible blades to saw operators across the country. These tests include measuring cutting speed, lifespan, and efficiency in various materials of different aggregates. This process confirms that the blades can handle the intended application without issues. Have confidence that your diamond blades will perform as expected, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Diamond Blade Testing Process

Dan Esch, owner of Esch Construction Supply, plays a big role in maintaining the high-quality diamond blades on the market. Check out the process Dan Esch runs diamond blades through to ensure speed and life.

Some of the tests we run our diamond blade through include:

  • Diamond concentration and quality assessment
  • Blade core strength evaluation
  • Cutting speed and efficiency testing
  • Vibration and noise reduction testing
  • Heat resistance assessment
  • Segment wear and life evaluations


Why We Do Blade Testing

To uncover the needs of our customers, hours are spent on various job sites testing, measuring, and analyzing our diamond blades. We are able to identify which blade is the best for your cutting application based on the material being cut, the depth of cut, and the equipment being used. Guarantee you get the right blade for your application and schedule an Esch Sales Rep to visit your job site. 



Providing High-Quality Diamond Blades

At Esch, we guarantee to deliver the right diamond blades tailored to meet the demands of your cutting application. Before buying your diamond blade, confirm you're getting the right blade for your job. We take pride that all our blades sold are manufactured with a concentration of high-quality diamonds. Cheaper blades may have lower diamond quality, less precise bonding, and inferior materials, leading to a shorter lifespan and poorer cutting performance. It's important to invest in a high-quality diamond blade suitable for your cutting needs.