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Husqvarna Introduces the NEW K1 PACE Battery Saw

Husqvarna introduces their newest saw in their line of power cutters, the Husqvarna K1 PACE battery-powered cut-off saw. The K1 PACE joins the Husqvarna K535i as Husqvarna's battery-powered power cutter line. Husqvarna's K1 PACE is a high-power cutter that has the power and performance you'd expect from a gas-powered saw with the benefits of a battery saw. The K1 PACE also includes X-halt which assists in stopping the rotation of the blade quickly for enhanced safety.

The K1 PACE runs on Husqvarna's PACE battery which allows you to run the saw without giving off direct emissions, making it a great choice for indoor or emission-level sensitive areas. It also can be used in both wet and dry applications making it a great all-around power cutter. With the K 1, not only will you enjoy a quieter working day, with cleaner air, lower vibrations, ease of product use, and reliability; your pocket will also be considerably healthier with each and every cut you make, thanks to the significantly reduced running costs.


Check out our first demo of the K1 PACE Saw at World of Concrete 2022.



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