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Dust-Free Solutions from Esch Construction Supply

Featured Dust-Free Solutions from Esch Construction Supply!

Working dust-free not only creates a safer job site but creates an efficient one. Each of the following solutions will increase your productivity and save you money. Dust-free solutions save on time and equipment wear and tear while cutting concrete. We have dust-free solutions for any unique concrete cutting situation. Cut your downtime and stay dust-free with some of our favorite products below! To find your ideal dust-free solutions, connect with our product experts at (800) 233-8655


EZ Pump
Self-Pumping Pump & Can


iQMS362 Dust-Free Masonry Saw (Up Position)

16.5" Dust-Free Masonry Saw 


Edge Eater Chamfer Shroud Product and Action

Esch Edge Eater
Chamfer System


Concrete Saw-Husqvarna K 770 Vac

Husqvarna K770 Vac
12" Dust-free cut-off Saw


Husqvarna S26- dust free solutions

Husqvarna S26
HEPA Dust Extractor



GED-grinding-shroud- dust-free solutions

GED Grinding Shroud
For Metabo Grinders




EZ Pump Battery Powered Pump Can



The Esch Zero (or EZ) Pump & Water Can is the newest labor saver solution from Esch. NO MORE PUMPING. The EZ Pump & Can is a self-pressurizing pump & can for saws, grinders, and core drill rigs. The pump has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged with an A/C charger. The can holds 2 gallons of water and has a battery life of approximately 15 gallons.




IQMS362 16.5" Dust-Free Masonry Saw


iQMS362 Dust-Free Masonry Saw (Up Position)


The iQMS362™  is the world's first 16" masonry saw with fully integrated dust collection! The dry cutting system eliminates water and a secondary vacuum, allowing for both quick clean-up and portability. Cuts brick, pavers, stone, and veneer with a 16.5" blade at a full 24" length. Captures up to 99.5% of dust and meets the recent OSHA silica standard.




Esch Edge Eater Chamfer System 


Esch Edge Eater Easy Adjustment


The Edge Eater™ is a dust-free solution to create or clean up a 45° chamfer on a concrete edge. Developed exclusively for Metabo grinders. Ideal for parking garages, precast concrete, concrete pole bases, and columns. Works in both horizontal and vertical applications with easily adjustable depth. Creates narrow or wide chamfers with a simple wing nut adjustment (adjustable from 3/4" to 1-3/4".)




Husqvarna K770 Vac 12" Cut-Off Saw


Husqvarna K770 Vac- Dust-free solutions


Husqvarna K 770 Vac improves upon the standard K 770 with a major improvement - integrated dust extraction. Connect your Husqvarna S 26 vacuum to the 2" port to effectively dry cut dust-free. The K 770 Vac operates with a 12" blade and a unique 60mm flange, allowing for a similar cutting depth as a 14" blade.

Featuring all the benefits of a standard K 770 - new easy and optimal SmartTension belt tensioning system, integrated water delivery system, Husqvarna’s Active Air Filtration™, SmartCarb™, and DuraStarter™.




Husqvarna S26 HEPA Dust Extractor


Husqvarna S26- dust free solutions


Equipped with HEPA filters, this professional dust extractor is a step above typical shop-style vacuums. Easy to maneuver, yet powerful, the Husqvarna S26 can be used with your electrical hand-operated power tools and shrouds for in-application dust collection. The S26 is equipped with a fine filter, an H13 filter, and uses Jet Pulse filter cleaning - efficiently cleaning without opening the vacuum.





GED Grinding Shroud For Metabo Grinders


GED-grinding-shroud- dust-free solutions


Metabo GED 125 Grinding Shroud is useful for surface prep and edge work. It comes equipped with a replaceable brush skirt and convertible front for edge grinding. Ensures high suction power when collecting dust and complies with OSHA regulations. Fits 5" Metabo Grinders.





Maximize your uptime by cutting dust-free with a variety of equipment and accessories, always in stock! Call to schedule a demo today!

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