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Virtual Saw and Blade Safety Training

Training done YOUR way! Esch Saw and Blade Safety Training is now also available as virtual training! Get extensive training for you and your crew from our Saw and Blade Experts over an online call. Our training will cover diamond blade selection, how to maximize productivity from your blades, and how to prevent diamond blade…
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Avoid Saw Kickbacks: Cut-off Saw Safety

Kickbacks occur when the blade on the saw pinches or stalls in the material you are cutting. The force of the blade causes the saw to be thrown out of the cut and in some cases back at the operator. By knowing how to safely use your cut-off saw you can avoid kickbacks and be…
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Selecting Your Dust-Vacuums: Husqvarna S-Series Vacuums

Concrete dust vacuums are a necessity to any contractor cutting, grinding, or polishing concrete. Working safely on a jobsite includes managing your exposure to silica dust, which requires a demand for dust-control equipment. The lineup of concrete dust-vacuums from Husqvarna covers your dust control needs for any concrete cutting, grinding, or polishing situation. Make sure…
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Get Your Equipment Ready for the Winter

As the weather changes, it is time to start thinking about winterizing your equipment. Depending on the frequency you will be using your saw throughout the winter, these 3 fuel-related strategies will help see your equipment through the cold season.   Frequent Use of Equipment Throughout Winter – If you plan to be using your saw…
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Exceptional Service to Others – Holiday Update

In a year that could use a bright spot, we have been doing our part in trying to turn that around. We have always been active in our community, but this year we needed to try and find a new way to make a difference from a distance. We are proud to support the following…
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How Cold Weather Impacts Soff-Cut Blade Selection

    Are your Soff-Cut blades not cutting the way they're supposed to? THE PROBLEM MIGHT NOT BE A BAD BLADE! Make sure the timing of the cut is correct first! As temperatures get cooler concrete takes longer to set. In warmer weather, concrete slabs are generally ready to be cut 8-10 hours after they…
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Esch Pink Next Day Blade: Cutting for a Cause

  The Esch Pink Next Day Blade is an exclusive early entry blade. This blade is specifically designed to cut cured/next day concrete. This allows you to come back the next day after pouring a slab and cut. It also expands the same-day cutting window allowing you to get on the concrete later. (When you…
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2020 Dust-Free Solutions from Esch Supply

Featured Dust-Free Solutions from Esch Construction Supply in 2020! Working dust-free not only creates a safer job site but creates efficient ones. Each of the following solutions will increase your productivity and save you money. Dust-free solutions save on time and equipment wear and tear while cutting concrete. We have dust-free solutions for any unique…
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Husqvarna K 4000 Electric Cleaning and Maintenance

Properly maintaining your Husqvarna K 4000 Electric saw extends the life of your saw and saves you money!  Keeping your saw clean and maintained can minimize the risk of saw failure, tripping a breaker, or having to replace your saw due to excessive wear. Check out the Coach's Corner episode below on how to properly…
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