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5 Reasons to Create an Account on

Experience guaranteed diamond tools and outstanding service online! Create an account and manage your payment information and past invoices, reorder products, and be the first to get exclusive deals. Already have an account? Login here. [maxbutton id="15" url="" text="CREATE AN ACCOUNT" ] [maxbutton id="15" url="" text="LOGIN NOW" ]     Access All Your Information  Need an old invoice? No problem! Your customer account has access to your sales history dating…
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Benefits of an iQ Power Tool Q-Drive® Diamond Blade

Optimized for tough work environments and designed with unmatched durability, iQ Diamond Tools Q-Drive® Diamond Blades get the job done - cutting materials from hard ceramic tiles to highly abrasive bricks and blocks with speed, ease, and precision. When you see the “Q” seal of quality, you can be sure that it is backed by over three decades of industry experience and quality craftsmanship. Key Takeaways Through years of experience…
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Enhance Sawing Productivity with the Stihl Cutquik® Saw Cart

The Stihl Cutquik® FW20 Saw Cart is designed for Stihl cut-off saws when cutting expansion cuts or curbs and a wheeled tool is necessary. This cart is a helpful accessory for professionals who use these saws for cutting concrete, asphalt, and other materials. The cart features a large deflector as well as sealed bearing wheels to help keep out dust and debris. Key Takeaways The Stihl Cutquik Cart provides stability…
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The Purpose Behind Esch Saw and Blade Safety Training™

Esch Saw and Blade Safety Training™ is designed with the contractor in mind. The primary goal is to provide you and your crews with the knowledge and experience to maintain a safe and accident-free workplace. Dan Esch, Owner of Esch Construction Supply, explains how our Saw and Blade Safety Training came to fruition and why it's so important to educate the construction industry.  Key Takeaways:  The Esch Saw and Blade…
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How to Start a Gas Powered Cut-Off Saw

Saw operators on jobsites ask us questions like, "Am I starting my saw right?" or "Why isn't my saw starting up right away?" Knowing how to properly start your cut-off saw can help extend the life of your equipment and ensure operator safety. Key Takeaways Always consult the operator manual before starting your saw. Use quality fuel and proper starting techniques for the best saw production. Having cut-off saw issues?…
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Early-Entry Concrete Blade Selector

Selecting the right Soff-Cut early-entry concrete diamond blade is important as it directly impacts the quality and efficiency of the job. The choice of the Soff-Cut blade depends on the concrete hardness & aggregate and the machine you are using.
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How To Attach The Esch Edge Eater™ to a Metabo Grinder

The Edge Eater™ is a dust-free solution to create or clean up a 45° chamfer on a concrete edge. Developed exclusively for Metabo T-Series and W-Series grinders. The Edge Eater™ is ideal for making chamfered edges in parking garages, precast concrete, concrete pole bases, and columns. It works in both horizontal and vertical applications with easily adjustable depth. Create a narrow or wide chamfer edge with a simple wing nut…
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Stihl: What Can Ship and What Can’t

As a distributor of Stihl products, we’re often asked why they do not allow distributors to ship their equipment directly to customers. While this may seem unusual in today's world, there are solid reasons behind this decision that highlight Stihl's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Key Takeaways Stihl gas power equipment repair parts require local delivery or pickup – no shipping. Stihl battery and corded equipment, and accessories, can…
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New iQ1550 – 21.5″ Dry-Cut Masonry Saw with Dust Collection

Revolutionize Masonry Work with the iQ Power Tools iQ1550 Masonry Saw iQ Power Tools Introduces the NEW iQ1550 Masonry Saw, a 21.5" Electric Masonry Saw with an Integrated Dust Collection Vacuum. The new saw has the ability to cut through an 8" block with a full 16" length of cut. The iQ1550 is equipped with a 230V heavy-duty 3 hp saw motor and 3 hp vacuum. Key Takeaways Increase efficiency…
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The Importance of Diamond Blade Testing

Being able to deliver the highest quality diamond blades to saw operators is a core element of our business. For our customers to have confidence in every cut, they need to have trust in their diamond blades. Providing the highest quality blade comes with rigorous testing to verify reliability, performance, and safety. Key Highlights High-quality diamond blades are developed through detailed testing.  Jobsite demos of diamond blades confirm the best blade…
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