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What is a Soff-Cut® Saw?


Husqvarna’s Soff-Cut® saws are a unique patent that is designed for Ultra Early Entry™ concrete sawing. This system enables concrete to be cut within one to two hours before the final set. It is the best solution for minimizing the risk of random cracking, which is one of the most costly and aggravating problems for a concrete contractor. Husqvarna's Soff-Cut® saws’ high production rates combined with the opportunity to pour and cut the same day. Also, the straight lines achieved by only shallow cutting depths make Soff-Cut® the perfect system. Order online or call us to get your Husqvarna Soff-Cut® saw today. Or check out Husqvarna's Soff-Cut System video to learn more



The Process

Random cracking in concrete is one of the most aggravating problems faced by a concrete contractor. It costs contractors time, money, and their reputation if faced with random cracks in concrete. Husqvarna's Soff-Cut® system is the one way to reduce the chance of random cracking through the timing of the cuts. Control joints are cut into the concrete as a part of the finishing process. Soff-Cut® system focuses on making these early entry cuts inside of the concrete's Green Zone™, or the first two hours after finishing and before the final set. As the concrete sets, it starts to take in moisture, which causes cracks. Husqvarna's Soff-Cut® system allows for control joints to be made at this time to prevent these random cracks.

Soff-Cut Saws, Making joint cuts

Shallow contraction joint cut

Soff-Cut Saws Random Cracking

Random Cracking in concrete



The Green Zone™

Soff-Cut Saws cutting in the Green Zone

The Green Zone is approximately 2 hours after placing and finishing


The Green Zone™ is the window of opportunity to cut the concrete before it has the chance to seek relief in the form of random cracking. The Green Zone™ falls between the initial set and the final set, normally 2 hours after finishing. To detect the Green Zone™, you will want to touch, step, and roll the Soff-Cut saw onto the concrete. If an impression is made the concrete, it is not in the Green Zone™ and should not be cut. To optimize cutting in the Green Zone™, Husqvarna Soff-Cut® saws have a specially designed blade block, skid plate, and should be equipped with a specially designed Soff-Cut® diamond blade. Cutting in the Green Zone™ also allows for a shallower cut. This achieves greater aggregate interlock and minimizes the amount of joint filler needed.




Selecting Your Husqvarna Soff-Cut® Saw

There are two categories of Husqvarna Soff-Cut® saws, push and self-propelled. Before selecting a Soff-Cut® saw think about the size of the concrete slab you need to cut. For a small concrete patio or sidewalk, it is recommended you use a smaller, lighter Soff-Cut saw like the x150. For larger concrete slabs like an airport runway, a large Soff-Cut saw is recommended, like the x5000. Check out Esch's line-up of Husqvarna Soff-Cut saws below.

For more information about selecting your Soff-Cut® saw, contact Esch and we will set you up with your perfect Soff-Cut® saws and blades.


Husqvarna Push Soff-Cut® Saws

Husqvarna Soff-Cut X150E Electric Saw


Soff-Cut Saw Soff-Cut 150 E- Husqvarna



Husqvarna Self-Propelled Soff-Cut Saws

Husqvarna Soff-Cut X4000 Saw


Soff-Cut Saw 4000 -Husqvarna