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Esch Lucky Hat Fishing Contest

The Esch Lucky Hat Fishing Contest begins on May 1st

How do I enter?

  1. Get off the couch, head outdoors and go fishing!
  2. Put on your Esch Lucky Hat & reel in a winner.
  3. Take a picture with your catch and your Esch Lucky Hat and submit your picture here!

How do I win?

Largest Fish: Muskie, Northern, Walleye, Bass and Crappie

Fish size will be judged based on length. Weight is not required, but is encouraged in the event of a tie in length. One winner will be selected from each category.

Best photo: Kids and Misc.

2 winners will be selected from the Kids category.

Misc. may include fish from any unlisted category, including but not limited to rough fish, trout, salmon and saltwater. One winner will be selected.

Grand Prize

Winner chosen based on Esch Lucky Hat visibility, photo quality and of course - the fish.

Additional winner will be chosen from a drawing