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Esch Lucky Hat Fishing Contest

The Esch Lucky Hat Fishing Contest runs from May 1st - September 16th

How do I enter?

  1. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@eschsupply) with your Esch Lucky Hat Picture
  2. Submit your photo on our website.
  3. Send it to your Esch Rep

How do I win?

Largest Fish: Muskie, Northern, Walleye, Bass, and Crappie

  • The fish size will be judged based on length. Weight is not required but is encouraged in the event of a tie in length. One winner will be selected from each category.

Best photo: Kids and Misc.

  • 2 winners will be selected from the Kids category.
  • Misc. fish may include fish from any unlisted category. One winner will be selected.

Grand Prize

  • The winner is chosen based on Esch Lucky Hat visibility, photo quality, and of course - the fish.