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Dan Esch

Dan Esch

At Esch Construction Supply, we are diamond tool and cutting equipment specialists. Esch is the go-to supplier for contractors who specialize in cutting concrete, asphalt, and stone. In our years in the industry, we've been alongside our customers cutting over six million feet of concrete. What's unique about our company is that we're a jack of one trade. We are 100% focused on providing supplies and solutions for hard-material cutting.

Give us a call to get expert advice from our sales and customer service specialists. We design customized safety and operator training for you to reduce your costs and improve your profits.

Get to know our Gold Certified mechanics and our top-rated parts department. You will receive sound equipment advice and a fast repair turnaround. Visit our stores to see our huge inventory of saws and blades. Experience our fast and accurate delivery. You will be impressed with our people and our commitment to exceptional service. That is the Esch difference. I guarantee it!

History of Esch

In 1948, when Otto Esch began selling hand tools on job sites to contractors from the back of his station wagon, he probably didn't fully realize what he was starting. However, as a pioneer in job-site sales and service, he knew his customers wanted quality tools, timely delivery, and a high level of personal service. His sons, Greg and Mike, joined the family business and continued to pursue the same dedication to customer service that Otto had toiled to establish. From the original storefront at 952 Raymond Ave. in St. Paul, the Otto N. Esch Equipment Supply Company prospered and under the direction of Mike Esch evolved into the region's #1 distributor of diamond cutting tools and equipment, Esch Construction Supply, Inc.

Today under the leadership of Otto's grandson, Dan Esch, Esch Construction Supply, Inc. is recognized as the specialist in high-quality diamond blades, diamond cups, and diamond core bits. They have developed diamond tools expertise over the years, by tracking customer feedback from the field and scientific data from the lab.

With the largest shelf inventory in the Midwest, knowledgeable representatives, free troubleshooting, one-hour local delivery, and an "order today - we ship today" policy for out-of-state and national customers, you'll get what you need when you need it. When you call Esch, you won't get a complex recording; you'll hear the friendly voice of experience. Call today and see for yourself!



Customized Solutions

Cut Further, Faster with customized solutions like Diamond Tools, Cutting Equipment, Parts & Repair.

We believe in providing customized solutions for contractors with Diamond Tools, Cutting Equipment, Parts & Repair. Whether the need is a simple fix, like finding a blade for a unique cutting application, or complex like developing new dust-free solutions, we strive to always provide a solution.

Our expertise in finding these solutions for our customers is because we get dirty. We work best when we are in front of you on your job site getting our boots dirty and sharing what we’ve learned over 40 years of helping our customers cut millions of feet of concrete, asphalt, and stone.

In addition to developing new products and solutions, we have a proven process to match the needs of the customer to a product or service. One of our most recent solutions was provided while working with our friends from Mortenson Construction and Thor Construction, while they were building the new home of the Minnesota Vikings, US Bank Stadium. Watch the video to learn more about our experience.

Check out our most recent Dust-Free Solutions available at Esch Construction Supply



In-Field Demos

Cut with Confidence knowing your equipment and blades are productive.

Projects and products are unique. We test all of our products to learn about their successes and limitations. We also want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. We allow you to demo the product to confirm it's exactly what you need. Schedule a demo with us!

Product Demos from Esch Construction Supply



Cut Your Downtime! We deliver what you need, whenever and wherever you need it so you increase your uptime and get the job on time!

We have a great history of providing customer service to the midwest, and that includes local delivery. Although the company is no longer operating out of the trunk of a car, your order could still be delivered by one of our industry experts in the Esch fleet. With fast, reliable service, we'll do our best to get your order to you the same day. In addition to receiving your product, you'll get hands-on assistance with your new supplies to get you up and running.

For stocked items, we strive to provide:


Need your items faster? We have a great relationship with local courier services. For custom shipping methods and questions, contact us at (800) 233-8655.




Customized Solutions

Unique problems call for customized solutions. Esch works with contractors to best meet their needs.


No Downtime

Downtime is costly. Join us in making it a thing of the past with downtime eliminating solutions from Esch.



Projects and products are unique. Esch wants to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment, and we’ll bring the demo to you.



Tailored to your company’s needs, Esch provides Safety, Maintenance, and Operator training.


Videos, Schematics, and More

Your resource center for product and demo videos, equipment schematics, and our Esch Blog